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Corrugated Metal in design

Why it’s a sustainable choice.

Corrugated galvanized metal is long-lived (it doesn't rot and doesn't get damaged by insects) and readily recyclable. Numerous commercially available items made of corrugated metal can be repurposed once their useful lives are over.

Corrugated metal is a thin planar material that can be used for a variety of flat uses, including fences, privacy screens, siding, roofing, and more. Local hardware stores carry corrugated metal panels, but wholesale suppliers have a broader selection of corrugated sheet metal in a variety of thicknesses available to professional contractors.

Cost. Corrugated galvanized steel panels measuring 8 feet by 4 feet can be bought at a hardware store for about Rs.285 if you plan to do the job yourself. You should employ a specialist who is skilled in working with corrugated metal appropriately if you need to use it for more complex applications. Using a builder or design-build company has a range of costs.

This Finnish Restaurant is Lined with Corrugated Metal Wall Panels

Katherine Pendrill — May 3, 2016 — Art & Design References: joannalaajisto & dezeen


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