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I've always been drawn to designing buildings that blend in with the local history and culture. But I was unable to fully grasp the project's core due to a dearth of sensory components. I therefore wanted to challenge myself by designing a structure that is both aesthetically pleasing and conveys a narrative; one that takes into account the sound, scent, vision, and contact of the surrounding environment. I began learning about various sensory aspects of cultures, from the noises played at local events to the smells associated with various places. Along with looking into specific materials used for solace or remembrance, I also looked into the various hues associated with different religious rituals. 

As I gained new perspectives and realized how linked everything was, I grew to value nature more. I was able to think creatively and come up with new ideas as a result. That is, until I made the decision to take the initiative and prepare a program about my opinions one day. To expand my expertise and generate fresh ideas, outside of building duties, I studied 3D printing. I now have more options for producing artistic works as a result of this. Additionally, it made it possible for me to create models for the tasks I was working on while saving time and money.After everything was said and done, I couldn't believe the transformation that had taken place.

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- Architectural Design

- Graphic Design 

- Content writting 

- Product Design
- 3D Modelling

- Interior Design

- Candle Making 

- Video Editing

- Sticker Design

- Social Marketing Post Design

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